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Demand an End to Real Estate Loopholes

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  • The future of Central Park is threatened by large, dark shadows that are cast by superscrapers.

  • The New York State Legislature must pass A2128/S2016 !!!

  • This bill will eliminate the most egregious loopholes in zoning.

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We heard from Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Senator Robert Jackson that "the loophole bill" will have to wait until the next session given all the urgent priorities that Albany is facing.

In the meantime, the construction continues-- out of scale and inconsistent with the intent of the underlying zoning. #ClosingTheLoopholes is critical to prevent darkness taking over our residential streets and our beloved parks!

What can we do?

Please share this petition — the consequences of inaction are unacceptable!


Fire Fighters Warn of Dangers Associated with Voids! 
Contact the Leadership in Albany and Convey the Urgency of Voting on A5026A and S3820A
(2021 new numbers assigned: A2128/S2016​)

Read the memo from the Uniformed Firefighters Association warning about "dangerous phantom floors" aka voids here.  ... don't wait for a catastrophe to act! Email or Call the state leadership asking them to support the Rosenthal/Jackson bills A2128/S2016.


Senator Steven Kavanaugh
518-455-2625 (Albany)
718-875-1517 (District)
212-298-5565 (Manhattan)
Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz
518-455-5214 (Albany)
718-743-4078 (District)
Assembly Member Carl E. Heastie
Speaker of the House

518-455-3791 (Albany)
718-654-6539 (District)
Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Senate Majority Leader and Temporary President
518-455-2585 (Albany)
914-423-4031 (District)


#isitsafe  #IsItSafe #isitsafe


Sample Letter:

It is urgent that A2128/S2016 be voted on this session. Developers are in a race to the top while residents of the City are subjected to lingering shadows in parks and neighborhoods. The out-of-context Mega-Towers are fraying the neighborhood fabric and they present a danger to FDNY responders and tenants alike. Please be proactive now ... don't wait for a catastrophe to act!

Firefighters have warned of the hazards presented by voids to both FDNY and residents. They believe such developments present an unnecessary danger and do not have a reasonable purpose.

To be clear, the Department of Buildings (DOB) and Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) favor the developer and give the "green light" even when the DOB admits it made a mistake (200 Amsterdam) or when the BSA acknowledges that the DOB failed in its analysis of "mechanical spaces" (50 West 66th.) There are too many similar examples and it is up to the State to step in. This amendment to the Multiple Dwelling Law as proposed will close the most egregious loopholes.

other ways to get involved

Contribute to Landmark West!'s advocacy efforts  opposing Supertalls and exploitation of zoning loopholes.  Click here

Go to your local Community Board Land Use Meeting.  Find out what they are doing to prevent SuperTalls in your neighborhood! Ask that they pass a resolution similar to CB7’s which demands closure of loopholes (click here to see CB7 Resolution).

Click here to find your local community board.

Energize your neighbors, friends, building Boards and tenants’ associations by sharing with them this flyer.   


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