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Energize your neighbors, friends, building Boards and tenants’ associations by sharing with them this flyer.

Voice your opposition to the construction of tall buildings that will cast shadows on Central Park by contacting your elected officials. City Council and the Manhattan Borough President MUST take into consideration the will of the electorate.

Feel free to copy and paste the sample letter below.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor de Blasio:

As a New Yorker, and a voter, I write to request your immediate assistance to stop the sprawl of Midtown-scale buildings into residential neighborhoods.

Towers of extraordinary height are already transforming our city’s commercial cores, straining infrastructure, raising serious questions about safety and sustainability, and casting shadows. The lengthening, permanent shade over the southern part of Central Park—New York’s most human, democratic public space—is a warning sign of damaging development trends, policies, and problems that undermine your vision of a more equitable city.

“Supertall” towers are marching into traditional residential communities like the Upper West Side and Upper East Side, where plans for wildly out-of-scale buildings—proposed and, in some cases, approved “as of right”—are already in motion. 200 Amsterdam Avenue (the 668’ tower proposed for West 69th Street) and Sutton Place (the 850’ tower proposed for East 58th Street) are just two blatant examples. Next stop, Harlem. These “totems of inequity” would surround Central Park on all sides.

This is not a future New Yorkers want to see. Our right to light, air, grass, and other quality-of-life necessities ought to matter more than so-called “development rights”.

An essential part of the problem lies with the current zoning laws, mostly conceived over fifty years ago before the convergence of technology and economics made “supertall” tower development viable beyond concentrated areas. In particular, the laws concerning zoning lot mergers, transfer of development rights, and mechanicals have yielded unpredictable, often outrageous results.

As an immediate starting point, I encourage you to support the Resolution just passed by Community Board 7 (March, p. 2) which will prevent developers from circumventing the intent of current zoning laws by using creative tactics including:
  • Large “voids” as high as 100 feet that do not contain floor area for zoning purposes
  • “Mechanical spaces” (frequently near ground level) that are radically taller than required for their functional purposes
  • Apartment ceiling heights up to 20 feet
  • Development rights transfers over long distances under rules governing affordable housing
We look to you for leadership to ensure that development in every neighborhood is compatible with its character and needs.


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Elected Officials

Manhattan Borough President: Gale Brewer 1 Centre Street 19th Floor, New York, NY 10007

Chair City Planning Commission: Marisa Lago 120 Broadway 31st Floor, New York, NY 10271

City Council: Helen Rosenthal: 563 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

City Council Speaker: Corey Johnson 224 West 30th Street Suite 1206, New York, NY 10001

Director of Manhattan City Planning: Edith Hsu-Chen 120 Broadway 31st Floor, New York, NY 10271

City Council Land Use: Rafael Salamanca Jr. 250 Broadway Suite 1781, New York, NY 10007

Public Advocate for NYC: Letitia James 1 Centre Street #1500, New York, NY 10007

Or Contact these Elected Officials by Phone or Email

City Council: New York's legislative body that oversees citywide development.

Community Boards Around The Park Collapse

Call on your Community Board to enact a similar resolution. Ask them to address the Super Scraper issue. The “Land Use” committee addresses building and zoning. Most meet once a month and are open to the public.

Community Board Five
(South of the Park)
450 Seventh Avenue
Suite 2109
New York, NY 10123
Vikki Barberg - Chair
Eric Stern –Chair of Land Use

Community Board 7 / Manhattan
(West of the Park)
250 West 87th Street
New York, NY 10024
Roberta Semer, Chair
Penny Ryan, District Manager
Richard Asche and Page Cowley, Co-Chairs Land Use

Community Board 8
(East of the Park)
505 Park Avenue
Suite #620
New York, NY 10022
James G. Clynes, Chairman
Elizabeth Ashby and Elaine M. Walsh, Co-Chairs Zoning/Development Committee 

Manhattan Community Board 10
(North of the Park)
215 West 125th Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10027
Brian A. Benjamin, Chair
Andrew Lassalle, District Manager
Manny Rivera, Chair Land Use

Manhattan Community Board 11
(North East of the Park)
Address: 1664 Park Ave, New York, NY 10035
Diane Collier, Chair
Candy Vives-Vasquez, Chair Land Use
Steven Villanueva, Vice-Chair Land Use

Contact New York State Senators: https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator

Contact New York State Assembly: http://nyassembly.gov/mem/

Contact Governor Andrew Cuomo: Albany: 518-474-8390, NYC: 212-681-4580